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Softaculous Virtualizor has an Inbuilt Billing Panel which is specific to sell VMs online thereby enhancing the User Experience considerably.
Virtualizor Cloud Billing System supports Hourly Billing.
This guide will show you how to create plans and setup the pricing as well as resource pricing for custom resource utilization.

BETA Warning

Virtualizor Cloud Billing System was introduced in version 2.9.6 and is still in BETA. Please use it with caution.

Create Cloud User Plans

Firstly you will need to create at least 1 Cloud user plan which will have the option Enable Virtualizor Billing enabled for that plan.
To do so please login into the Virtualizor Admin Panel and go to Plans -> Add User Plan.
The Following is the screenshot of the Add User Plan wizard :

Add Cloud User Billing Plan.png

Enable Billing System

You will need to enable the Virtualizor Cloud Billing System from the Virtualizor Admin Panel.
Please go to Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Billing -> Billing Settings.
The following is a screenshot of the same :

Billing Settings.png

Note : Please fill in the details very carefully.
As of now, only PayPal is supported and we will add support for more payment gateways soon.
Please do Enable Registration so that new users can register.

Create or Edit VPS Plans with Pricing

Now that the Billing System is enabled and users can register to create VPS, we need to create VPS Plans.
You can edit existing VPS plans if any or create new ones.
Virtualizor's Billing system enables you to setup pricing as per various regions or you can set the pricing for all regions.
Note : Regions can be created by creating new server groups.

You can set the pricing for All Regions and also set a different pricing for a particular region.
e.g. The pricing for a particular region where you have servers (lets say Mumbai, India) may be higher due to bandwidth costs being more.
In this case you can set the pricing for that region to be higher.
For all other regions the All Regions pricing will apply.

Following is a screenshot of the Edit VPS Plan wizard with pricing settings :

Edit VPS Plan Pricing.png

Set Resource Pricing

There is one last thing we need to do now, set Resource Pricing.
Virtualizor Cloud Billing System allows setting pricing for various resources which users can add on top of their existing plans.
e.g. If a user wants more disk space, he can buy that and will be billed for that.
Pricing can be set for all regions and / or for a particular region.
However, the All Regions pricing is compulsory and also the hourly rate is compulsory for resource pricing to enable the same.
For bandwidth there is only an overage rate.
Note : If you don't set the resource rates, then the users cannot modify these resources and will be allowed resources as per the VPS plan.
Following is a screenshot of the Resource Pricing wizard :

Resource Pricing.png

Types of Pricing

Virtualizor Cloud Billing System has: Hourly, Monthly and Yearly Rate.
At the moment yearly rate is not working and will become functional in the upcoming version as its a Prepaid billing rate.
Hourly and Monthly Rates are for Postpaid billing only.

If they Hourly rate is set, usage will be calculated hourly.
At the same time, if the monthly rate is set and if the amount calculated as per the hourly rate becomes greater than the monthly rate in the ongoing billing cycle, the the monthly rate will apply.


Your Cloud Billing system is all setup now and you should create more plans as per your requirements. If you need any help, please contact Virtualizor Support and we will help you.