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Do you want to resell Virtualizor licenses from WHMCS ?
This guide will help you to setup WHMCS licensing module to resell Virtualizor Licenses. Setting this up is very easy.

Download and Upload

Download the Module from the following links :
For PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5 : File:Virtualizor Licensing php53.zip.(Updated on : 13-10-2018)
For PHP 5.6+ : File:Virtualizor Licensing php56.zip.(Updated on : 13-10-2018)
Unzip it and upload the files virtualizor_licensing.php and noc_api.inc to the following path


Editing a Product/Service

This guide assumes you have already setup WHMCS and created your product. You can find detailed guides on the WHMCS Wiki. Once the Product is setup, you can move ahead with setting up the Virtualizor Licensing Module.

Setup Module

This option can be found while editing the Product/Service in Module Settings Tab.

  • Select the Module Name as Virtualizor.
  • Enter the Softaculous NOC account details i.e. Softaculous Username and Softaculous Password. These details are required as the licenses will be issued under this account.

Note : This account should be a NOC account because the API can be used only by NOCs.

  • Now choose the option when you want the module to be executed. Just remember that Virtualiozr license will be issued as per the method you select to execute the module.
When to Create license.jpg

Once you are done hit the Save Changes button and thats it you are done.

Testing the Setup

You can test the setup by making a DUMMY Order and going to the settings of that order.

Edit Order license.jpg

Creating Account

Make sure the License IP is setup as desired.

Edit Screen license.jpg

Then click on the Create button to create the account on the server.
You will see a Box shown in the following image

Create Account License.jpg

Success Message

When the page reloads the following message will be shown in case of success :

Debug Successful license.jpg

Error Message

Incase of Failure errors will be shown :

Debug Failure license.jpg

Similarly you can test the Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, View License commands.

  • In case of Suspend the Auto Renewals of the license will be cancelled (if any).
  • In case of Terminate the license will be cancelled and if the license was issued less than 7 days ago the transaction will be refunded.
  • In case of View License you will be redirected to Softaculous Client Center showing you the Virtualizor License.

Edit IP

  • Users can also Edit the IP from the Product details page.
  • Enter the New IP and click on Change IP button.
  • The IP will be changed in the Virtualizor records.
Edit IP.jpg


If you need any assistance then please contact Virtualizor Support. Please send us a screenshot of the Order Form and the Custom Fields you added to the Product.


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